The book

Leading for Organisational Change pulls together the best thinking from neuroscience, psychology and business, and the author’s own rich personal experience in twenty years of leading change projects in professional services organisations and other people-centred businesses.

It shows how really human leaders who can build a clear common purpose and then reinforce it through storytelling, can enable organisations to flourish during periods of change.

“It is possible for organisations and the individuals within them not just to survive periods of change but actively to thrive throughout, and to emerge stronger as a result”

Jennifer Emery, Leading for Organisational Change

The book presents a framework for change rooted in seven key themes that help organisations establish their BECAUSEbelonging, evolution, confidence, agility, understanding, simplicityand energy. Exploring the role each theme plays in the context of change, this invaluable book shares real-world examples and provides advice on building purpose and culture and strengthening motivation through listening, empowering and collaborating.

It is an invaluable resource providing insightful advice that can cross sectors and lend insight to any major change programme.

By sharing both theory and real-world examples, the book enables business leaders to apply the lessons learned to their own context and use purpose as a catalyst of growth both for organisations and the people behind them.

Download a sample of the book here.