About Jen

As the director in charge of people, culture and integration during the UK’s largest ever legal merger, I experienced first-hand the vital role that really human leadership, clear purpose and great stories play in turning a period of organisational change into an opportunity for businesses and individuals to build belonging and confidence, create energy, and distil simplicity from complexity.

Now, as the global people leader for Arup, the pre-eminent engineering and design consultancy, I still focus on unlocking potential so that both organisations and the people within them can flourish.

My current brief is to help the business transform to a more comprehensive consultancy model, driving true integration of the UN SDGs, and deeper digital integration whilst balancing different identities and talents within a truly unique purpose-driven and employee-owned organisation.

You can read more about what prompted me to write the book here: https://www.businessbookawards.co.uk/2020/02/26/meet-author-jennifer-emery/

Re-humanising business through storytelling and by creating a common sense of belonging is what should be at the heart of every people strategy.

Jen Emery